Travel Tips for Photographers

Traveling is the best thing a photographer can do. But you always need to be alert as you may be carrying a bag full of expensive photography equipments.

An overseas travel is often the choice every photographer has in mind, but you need to ensure that you are aware of local laws. Some people have spent enough time in prison for taking photographs of buildings or subjects which raised security concerns.

I have always stressed the importance of memory cards in my previous posts. You spend the whole holiday taking beautiful pictures in one memory card, but losing this precious piece of memory can only make you crib about not backing up. If you are carrying a laptop, make a habit to copy those images in the laptop. It's worth your time.

While on a transit, make sure you separate the lens from the camera. As a photographer, you will always require a carry case which has a good lock, keeping the thieves away. There are lots of incidents I have come across, and the worst case was when a person reached his destination, opened his bag and he sees nothing except the memory card.

When out on the field, never give the impression that you are a tourist. Try to dress down and behave as though you are familiar with the place. This will avoid you being mugged.

Be alert when you are shooting, and ensure to keep your camera on a strap help securely around your wrist. Also keep an eye on your baggage, as the chances of losing the baggage are more while shooting.

You can't predict being robbed. If you are carrying cash whilst on shoot, make sure you don't carry everything in your pockets, losing everything can only change the course of your holiday.

Always drink distilled water when on a holiday, unless you are sure of the source. The chances of falling sick is more by drinking contaminated water, so carrying some flu medicine and first aid kit is always good.

Lastly, a travel insurance that sufficiently covers you. There are lot of packages offered by travel agents, but have upper limits of 300 GBP which don't even cover the cost of a camera. So always remember to have the package covering the duration of your holiday.