Planning a Photo Vacation

For a photographer, going on a photo vacation is like making a short trip to heaven. Every photographer loves going on a photo vacation where he can capture some amazing pictures. But planning a vacation could be a challenge initially. So how do we plan a photo vacation?

Let me simplify the task for you:

- Choosing a location
Identify a location which can fulfill your photographic needs. It depends on what kind of photography you will be doing(macro, wildlife etc). Every location has something special, and its you who will decide what to capture. For instance Egypt is famous for Pyramids and the river Nile, so if you visit Egypt you will not miss out these famous places. Basically location plays a very important role while planning a photo vacation. Utilize each and every aspect of that location.

- Research about that location
So you identified the location, you go there and find yourself confused about where to go and what next? This might happen if you don't research properly about that location. So instead of wasting your time looking for a perfect tourist spot after going there, it would be good to research before hand about the destination, the tourist attractions and the weather.

Going on a photo vacation just doesn't end there, you need to keep the season in mind. Say you're going to South Africa for a wildlife trip, and it rains the moment you pull your camera out of the bag. Isn't that crappy? So spend some time researching and choose the location wisely.

- What to carry
I have spoken about the equipments to carry in a separate post, click here to read it. Now apart from the equipments, don't forget to carry  plenty of water and canned food. You never know when you feel hungry and thirsty. Be prepared with a medical kit as well, you may need it during emergencies like bruises and cuts.

- Realistic Trip
Ensure you get all that you wanted in your pictures. I mean don't compromise for a rat, if you had a Tiger in mind. Keep everything ready and wait for that perfect shot. Remember you want the subjects in your photos, the subjects have nothing to do with what you do.

A trip well begun is half job done, then all you need to do is focus on getting your shots right. Bingo!! At the end of the day a big smile on your face will tell the whole story. Plan a vacation perfectly and capture amazing moments with fun. Photo vacations often act as a breather to those who are stressed with their regular 9-6 job.