How To Determine Whether Your Photos Will Sell Or Not

Here i will point out a few things which could help you figure out your best seller images:

-Does it tell a Story
A photo which narrates a story by itself is a good photo, as it can grab quick attention. It will persuade people to buy.

-Shot a business related image
As i have discussed in my previous posts that business related images sell more on microstock sites,so if you have a photo which narrates some kind of business than making money from it is more easy.

-Critically acclaimed photo
Show your photos to friends & family and the one which gets lots of views and praise tells you its special.

-Your photo has something special
Landscapes, mountains, people and so on. You have all the types of images, but is there any rare subject or detail in your photo? Shoot something special and unique  like a bird in rain, the first drops of rain water falling on earth. Aren't they special? You can earn lot more money from your creative photos.

-Celebrity Photos
Well no one can deny the fact that celebrity photos are hugely in demand. If you have any famous celebrity caught doing something really naughty for the first time, than you have a best seller.

-People photos narrating rare story
A shot containing a person drinking alcohol in the middle of the desert describes modern times or a villager using a laptop and how about a monkey riding horse? difficult but possible.

-Your photo has won a competition
This is a very obvious thing to determine whether your photo is good or not, but the question is whether it's good enough to sell? There are so many good photos submitted into different competitions and failed to win, but were found to be the best sellers on microstock websites.

-Have a huge fan base for your photos on social networking sites
The advantage of displaying your photos on social networking sites is that you get genuine responses from people regarding your work, and its an open hearted affection. So display your best images there and see how people react.

-Technically right
It's not necessary that a technically perfect photo will be a best seller image, but to have a best seller photo it should be technically perfect. You know what i mean. It's confusing but that's the way it is.

-Your sixth sense
You just know that it's going to be a best seller.