The 10,000 Hour Rule in Photography

I read about this 10,000 hour rule sometime back in a book, and felt like sharing it on my blog. It may give you an idea about how much time you can spend on photography to become a master in it.

Here's what it says -

It seems we require approximately 10,000 hour of dedicated practice to achieve the expertise in almost anything that we want to do. Lets apply this rule in photography. So if you practice photography for 3hrs a day it will take almost 10 years for you to achieve the status of a master in photography. And if you practice 8hrs/day you become master in 3.5years, as simple as that.

Now those who feel that the 10,000 hour rule is too much, than here's a good news for you, try to apply the 1000 hrs rule. Basically a modified version and it can help you break into the top 10% of the photographers. Getting into the top 10% is definitely a great achievement, and to get to the top you need to practice the remaining 9000hrs.

I personally feel that if you want to do something, do it with complete dedication and commitment or the time spent practicing will not give any results. Try to put this into test. Step out of your house with that index finger on cameras shutter. Start clicking some good photos for sometime. Keep doing this for a month and than compare the images that you took on your first day with the images clicked after a months practice. You will notice the difference immediately and understand the importance of practice. Of course you need to go out with the intent to capture better images which are thoughtful. To become a great photographer you need to improvise each day with the desire to learn more with every passing hour.

The original 10,000 hour rule was developed after a lot of research by K Anders Erickson, a Professor of psychology at the Florida State University, USA. He was a famous researcher who is widely recognized as one of the world's leading theoretical and experimental researchers on 'Expertise'.

I hope you have understood the importance of practice. To become a great photographer, you need to improvise each day with the desire to learn more. With the 1000 hour rule in place you can reduce the time to master photography.