Trust Your Instincts And Do What Your Mind Says, Be A Confident Photographer

I have come across people who were apprehensive to take up photography as the fear of failure always haunts them. I’ll tell you what exactly they think and feel.

One day i met a person in a photo exhibition, he was very excited and deeply involved in those exhibited photographs. I thought of talking to him and ask him what he liked in those photographs, as I wanted to know what was going on in his mind. Just to inform you people that I like studying human behavior apart from doing photography. So I went up to him and introduced myself. 

This is how it goes-
“Hi my name is Sagar, a photographer. I noticed one thing that you are spending lot of time looking at those photographs, are you analyzing something?
He smiled and said – I am John, I am too passionate about photography and visit each and every exhibitions held in the city.
Me – How long have you been into photography?

John – smiled again “ I want to get into photography from such a long time, but not sure whether my work will be as good as its displayed here. Also not sure how to start as a photographer, don’t know which camera to buy, how to conduct exhibitions and also fear if I can manage the cost of organizing such exhibitions, and what if my work doesn’t sell?

Me – this time I smiled and said “ Is this the only way you think you can sell your work and make money?

John – Is there any better way, cause I am not a professional photographer and don’t think its easy to get a job in photography.

Me – well if money is what you have in mind than you can easily start with microstock photography. There are lot of people out there who earn thousands of bucks each month just from microstock. You don’t have to be professional photographer there, but only need a proper camera, creativity and a business mind.

John – Can you please help me out and guide me through it? Please…

Me – I have a dedicated blog where I have explained each and everything about microstock and other things related to selling photographs. The only thing you need to do is go through all the articles on my blog. It’s enough to educate you about the various means of making money from photography.

I gave him my blog address and exchanged our contact numbers and that’s how I made a new friend. This is how I managed to change a confused photography enthusiasts into a microstock photographer.

I kind of summarized the conversation that took place between us, ensuring that it doesn’t bore you. I met a lot of people like John who didn’t know much about photography and had a fear of failure.

John did not take up photography because he was not sure where to start from, neither did he take a step until I met him. Now he earns quite a good sum, more than his full time day job and also started exhibiting his work (which he learnt from my blog).Now whenever we meet, the first thing he says is ” If I would not have met you that day, I would still have been visiting exhibition and not been a photographer”.

That’s how it is people, you just need to take a step towards your goal. If you sit back and waste time thinking about where to start and how to start, you won’t achieve anything.