Benefits Of Social Networking Sites In Photography

Most of us spend a lot of our time on social networking sites nowadays. With the increasing popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and others, more and more people have presence online. These sites are used by people from various age groups and for all purposes like building communities, creating awareness, business ventures and marketing etc.

These sites have become tools for most of them to promote their business and work. Photographers too can benefit from these Social networking websites to promote their work.

Lets see how it can be done:

1. Uploading your best photographs
Always remember not to upload your personal stuff out there. Select images which best describes your ability as a photographer. People should like your images and comeback to see them again. You will get immediate reactions from people as they come across your best photographs.

2. Update your profile regularly
Upload new images periodically on the sites. This will ensure regular visits to your profile. Also it will tell people that you are working consistently and doing newer work. The frequency of updating depends on you completely, try to stick to a rule(updating daily, weekly or monthly). Also keep updating your personal information whenever necessary - like your address and phone number. This will reflect the fact that you take your work seriously and keep yourself accessible.

3. Form a community
To remain connected and maintain contacts its good to form a community. This will bring together like minded people. Form a photographers community and keep active discussions.

4. Be real
I would suggest you not to hide your true identity on these sites. Showing your real identity will build trust among users and they will tale you more seriously. Avoid those unreal user names and be real.

5. Be Professional
Never talk about your personal issues or financial problems. No one out there is interested to know how much money you want and stuff like that. Discuss things others want to know or are interested to read. Keep it professional.

6. Flickr helps
Many people think there's no advantage of being on flickr. But the truth is there are many advantages and flickr has always been photographers paradise. Its a dedicated site for photographers and the best place to share and promote your work. One more good news is that flickr has started paying the photographers who have contributed to their success. Never underestimate flickr. Your work is more search friendly and noticeable on Flickr.

Use these simple ways of networking to promote your work. People use social networking sites more than personal emails. The time spent on social networking sites is growing three times faster than the growth of Internet itself.
A survey says that social networks provide a trigger to improve potency of advertising across all forms of media. So use these mediums to extend your reach and be one step ahead always. The benefits of social networking sites are depends on our business methods, and photographers need to understand the importance of various social networks.