How to Sell Photos by Conducting Photo Exibitions for Amateurs:

To sell photos by conducting photo exhibitions is not an easy task for amateurs, since you need to have that reputation of a Professional photographer. 

To start with:

Good Collection: firstly you need to have a good collection of photos which are good enough to be displayed in the exhibition. If you're confident about the photos and their quality than go ahead.

Gallery space: You need a gallery space to display your work and as an amateur, look for a cheaper gallery space since its difficult to persuade gallery owners to lend you space for exhibiting. One advantage of having a cheaper gallery location is that in case you don't have enough sales, you will still be able to manage it without any loss. So choose gallery carefully for photo exhibitions.

Scheduling the Exhibition: This is very important as you will have a lot of things to do before the event actually starts. You can plan the remaining work accordingly.

Frame the Photos: Approach a local framing store and inquire about the cost of frames. Choose only those that fit in your budget instead of spending thousands on framing and expecting someone to buy them and later being left with a pile of expensive frames. Expensive frames won't sell photos, good photos are the key to success in a photo exhibition.

Marketing: After getting the frames ready, focus on visitors. For that you can take help from your friends or any photographer you know. Send invitations to friends and each and every person you know, try to reach as many people as possible. Announce the opening date of your exhibition on your blog(its good to have a blog). You must network with people and let them know about it, so utilize all the available resources. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are there to help you, use them to spread the news. You may advertise on local newspapers, print some invitation cards and distribute them to people. This will create more curiosity among people and they will be more willing to visit. Also remember to name your Photo exhibition and the photos that will be displayed based on the theme.

Pricing: This is one of the most difficult things to do. You should price your photos properly. Very often it happens that you price it more and lose the sale, price it less and lose its value. So be careful while pricing, one extra '0' can change everything. Once the pricing is done, put price tags on the photo frames. It looks more professional.

Preview day: After all that hard work, invite your close friends and family to your  photography exhibition one day prior to the opening. Getting their feedback will help you make any last moment changes. Also ensure that the ambiance is good by using proper lighting techniques.

D-day: Wait for the people to buy your work.

Knowing how to sell your photos in a photo exhibition is very important. Try to socialize with the visitors so that you don't miss them out to revisit your next photography event.