Do I need training to become a Photographer and earn?

Many people want to pursue a career in photography, some start it as a hobby and some as professionals. But some always have a question dwelling in their mind i.e. do i need to undergo training as a photographer or have a qualification to become a photographer? And the answer is simply NO.

There are thousands of photographers out there without any qualification in photography, who started it as a hobby but still earn lot more than a qualified or trained photographer. Photographers these days are earning lot more than a software engineer, a doctor, a lawyer or a businessman.Well what quality do you think they have? What makes them a better photographer without any qualification in photography? Its the focus and ability to work-hard in what they want. There are few people i know who have accidentally taken up photography and went on to quit their full time job and are still earning more than what they used to.
To become a photographer you need to be passionate, creative and patient. Nothing comes without a price.

If you really aspire to become a photographer than you will anyways dedicate your time to learn it. Study the basic features of photography, buy a camera, learn its features and operations, test your skills, and practice. Remember the 10,000 hour rule that i have discussed in my previous post, its very useful. Photography is an art of capturing emotions and feelings than is not noticed otherwise.

There are schools out there to train you on photography and make your task easier, but remember you also have to spend money to get trained which i think is not necessary as there are other ways to learn it. There are some photography related jobs which require proper photography qualification (Photojournalism). A qualification in photography will make you eligible for such kind of jobs. Others who are not willing to get trained, the journey doesn't end.

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