How To Earn Money From Photography

Photography has always been perceived as a hobby rather than a profession. But how would it be if you earn from that hobby. The best way to earn money from photography is through Microstock Photography.

There are lot of people out there, who would like to know how to earn money from photography
You don't have to be a professional photographer, but only need a camera and the basics to operate it. Also don't require all those costly equipments, only a compact camera is sufficient. I know a few people who are earning more than $10,000/month just from Stock Photography, and these people are just one of us(amateur).
Before deciding to be a photographer, you need to prepare a good portfolio and dedicate a lot of time to photography. Take a lot of pictures, study the basics of photography. This will help you become a better photographer, so practice practice and practice.

To get started you need to buy a camera, learn the features of the camera and its operations. And then learn what is aperture, shutterspeed, ISO, optical zoom...

Once you get hold of these things, half the job is done and for the remaining half just step out of your house and start clicking those amazing moments. This will definitely help you improve your photography skills, I mean keep practicing. You should know the art of capturing feelings, expressions or emotions in your images, and that's when you become a true photographer. 

So this was just a small article on how to earn money from photography, to help you guys take up photography for a living. In the next article I discuss on how to sell your photos online and make money from them.