Make Money By Selling Images On Shutterstock

Make Money On Shutterstock
Agency name: Shutterstock

Supported Types
Editorial: Yes.
Images: Yes, must be at least 2.5MP (Megapixels) and 4MP for new photographers.
Illustrations: Yes.
Vectors: Yes, JPEG.
Video: Yes, must be at least 480 pixels in height with an aspect ratio of at least 4:3. Not more than 60 secs clip.
Licenses: Royalty Free.

For every image sold or downloaded, you will receive a royalty payout based on your portfolio exclusivity and ranking:
1) from 0.20% to 63% for content sold via single-image download.
2) from $0.25 to $0.38 for images sold via subscription download.
3) from $0.81 to $2.85 per download for multi-images on demand.
4) from $2.50 to $13.25 for videos depending on the resolution of the video downloads.

Minimum Payout: $75 which can be claimed after 15th of each month.
Payout: Request.
Payment: Check by Post Mail, Paypal, and Moneybookers.

Referral Program: Yes
Upload methods: FTP, HTML
Language: English, German, Spanish, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, Japanese and Chinese. 

Headquarters: New York, USA.

Registered Users: Over 5 million.

About: Founded in 2003, operating in over 150 countries and 10 languages. One of the most popular microstock destinations for photographers and artists. Shutterstock connects creative professionals with the best photos, illustrations, vectors and video from thousands of contributors around the world. Never miss this microstock agency if you plan to sell your images. 

With over 20 million images to date and nearly 75,000 being uploaded daily, it remains one of the top 5 agencies in the world. Shutter images are best in quality and I absolutely recommend it.

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