Sell Photos on Fotolia

Sell Photos on Fotolia
Agency name: Fotolia

Editorial: Yes.
Images: Yes, Minimum image resolution must be 2400 x 1600 pixels (4MP).
Vectors: Yes, file size must be less than 2 MB.
Video: Yes, Maximum file size 600MB, Minimum: 320x240 / Maximum: 1920x1080.
Licenses: Royalty Free.
For every file sold, you will receive a royalty payout based on your portfolio exclusivity and ranking:
1) from 20% to 63% for content sold via single-image download.
2) from 0.25 credits to 0.40 credits for content sold via subscription download.

Minimum Payout: 50 credits which will be converted to the currency of your country at the time of payout.
Payout: Request.
Payment: Paypal, Moneybookers or wire transfer.

Referral Program: Yes
Upload methods: FTP, HTML
Language: English is suggested, however Fotolia supports all the languages for keywords.

Headquarters: New York, USA.

Registered Users: Over 3 million.

About: Fotolia is a stock photography community, and Fotolia's members buy and sell images for use in all their design projects including websites, advertisements, and presentations.

Fotolia offers low-priced royalty free images using the credit (1 credit = $1.30) or subscription system. A member can buy credits or a subscription plan and download images at affordable prices. Contributors who sell images are paid a commission based on the type of license purchased. Commissions start at 20% and go as high as 63%. It's one of the best microstock agencies to sell your photos.