Do I Need An Expensive Camera

There is a misconception about having an expensive camera to shoot better photos. But don't believe in this myth as long as you are a good photographer. Even less expensive cameras produce good photos. A camera with decent resolution, optical zoom, a shutter that works to your needs, and a good sensor will definitely give you good results, provided you know the proper use of light and exposure.  So its basically you who should take good photos and not the camera. Camera features are there to assist you.

All that expensive equipments and optics hardly matter if you are a good photographer. Expensive cameras only make your work simple. They have fast processors with better build quality, but that does not mean cheap cameras deprive you from good photography. Expensive cameras mainly have higher optical zoom, better sensors to click clean and clear images, faster shutter speed, auto noise reduction etc, so in other words photography made easy.

You can buy a less expensive camera initially, practice with it, become more skilled and later opt for an expensive camera when you think you're capable of utilizing all the features. To utilize all the features of dslr, it needs lot of practice and dedication towards photography.

Remember one thing, a good photographer can take good pictures even with a cheap camera but a bad photographer cannot take good photographs even with the best cameras. I hope you got my point.
Practice makes man perfect and photography is  no different. Keep practicing!