Earn by Selling Designs Online

If You're a 2d/3d artist and want to make money from your designs than you have landed on the right place. I have discussed a lot on microstock photography, photo exhibitions and various things related to it. And i know many people have benefited from my blog. Today I'll share some information on how you can sell graphic designs, 3d Models and Animations.

There are thousands of designers out there who want a platform to sell their designs and make money. I have found a nice microstock site where you can sell designs. Let me explain more about it:

3dstudio: This is the site where you can sell designs online of almost anything. After registering you can upload as many designs as you want on this website. You get 60% of the commission each time your design is sold or downloaded. And the good thing is that you decide the price of the designs uploaded.

Say for instance you set the price of your design as $50. Now if your design is downloaded 100 times, you earn $50 x 100 x.60 = $ 3000. Isn't that a good amount of money?Think how much you can earn if you have more designs. By selling more designs, you earn more. You don't have to depend on your full-time day job.

It's a great place for designers to earn money, so take advantage of this and start submitting your designs without wasting much time.

There's some good news for photographer's also and that is you can sell your photographs as well. Its a microstock site for designers as well as photographers. Make the most of it. Selling designs online is one of the best income streams for designers looking for an independent source of income.