How To Continue Making Money From Microstock Photography

To continue making money from your photos, you need to keep your image database updated with good images. If you have already submitted enough no. of images and earning a fair amount of money, and at some point of time if you stop submitting new images, your earning will stop gradually since there are thousands of photographers uploading thousands of images everyday. As new images are ranked higher in the search results, your older images will disappear from the search results slowly. Avoid complacency.

It doesn't mean you won't earn anything from your older images, but very less. If you have decided to make a living from this stream than continue clicking photos. You seriously have to work hard and give some time to photography in case you want to stay here.

There are so many people who have quit there full time day jobs for photography and to my knowledge they are earning more mullah now. They think there's nothing better than to earn from what you love to do. Submitting images once in a month is enough. So how to continue making money from your photos is more important.