10 Ways to Make Money Online

Thought of writing a post on the different ways to make money online, to help those who are looking for an online source of income which requires less resources, where you don't have to invest money but your time. There are lots of websites offering lots of jobs and services. Some are legitimate, but most of them are scams and get rich quick schemes. This post will provide you information on the legitimate ways to make money online. I'll also provide links to sites wherever possible, which I basically prefer, to make things easier for you.

Although Internet is the most popular medium of income these days, its not that simple unless you are determined to achieve your set goals and devote time to it. Patience is the key to success in online business. Alright, now lets see the different ways to make money online:

1. Make Money Designing T-shirts

All you need to know to is designing. If you are good at making up catch phrases and cool designs, you can earn a fair amount of money designing t-shirts. You can also participate in t-shirt design competitions and win cash rewards of over $1000. CafePress and Threadless are the sites I prefer. Just register and start submitting design. CafePress pays you commission for each t-shirt sold having your design, where as Threadless follows a voting system, where the submitted designs are voted by the users themselves, the design with maximum votes wins $25,000 and is used on Threadless t-shirts. You can earn also submit phrases and earn $500 if selected.

2. Make Money Selling Photos Online

I have comprehensively explained everything related to this topic in my previous posts, instead of repeating it again, I request you to click here to learn how to sell photos online. You can make lots of money selling photos to various microstock agencies.

3. Earn From Your Videos

Create some funny and interesting videos and upload them on sites like Revver and Break. These sites share a percentage of their ad revenue. If you have an adsense account for Youtube, you can earn from there as well.

4. Making Money from Revenue Sharing Sites

Basically, you first need to register on this sites and become a member. You get paid to post articles, answering to forum questions, referring members etc... www.IndiaStudyChannel.com is one of the sites where you will earn 90% commission of the revenues generated from your posts. Your posts will have Google ads, when someone visits your posts and clicks on the ads next to it, you get paid. Apart from this, they pay you for participating in forum discussions and lots more. This is the best place to make money without any hassle. Some earn over $1000 on a regular basis, but they work hard to get that.

5. Earn by reviewing Software's

Some websites pay you for using and reviewing their softwares. SoftwareJudge is one of them, I haven't tried this one though.

6. Get paid by Blogging

Blogging is one of the most popular activities online. You can set up a blog in no time and its quite hassle free on today's free blogging platforms like Blogger and Wordpress. So you don't have to pay for a domain name. Set up a blog, choose a topic of your interest, and start writing about it. Once you have a decent number of posts(articles) and visitors, show up ads on your blog using programs like Google AdSense or get paid by selling affiliate products through Amazon. However, Blogging is something that requires lots of patience and hard work. If waiting is not your forte, than try Revenue Sharing Sites. They make things easier for you.

You can also make money on Sponsored Tweets just by tweeting text ads on your Twitter profile.

7. Making Money from Freelancing

Freelance is one of the preferred ways to make money online. You can do almost anything here - Writing, programming, designing, photography and much more. Some sites pay you exclusively to write content for them.

8. Get Paid by Selling Designs

If you are a 2d/3d designer or know designing, you can sell designs and earn a decent amount. Its similar to Microstock Photography, just designs in place of photographs.

9. Earn Money by Playing Games

I'm sure most of you are hearing this for the first time. Game sites like Second Life and Pogo, you can earn virtual money, which can be exchanged for real money.

10. Earn by Participating in Photo Competitions

You can earn thousands of dollars by winning photo competitions. But this needs lots of hard work, perhaps nothing is easy on this earth. These competitions have rewards that along with money give you recognition as a photographer, certainly something you can afford.

I have tried most of these ways to make money online, and suggest you guys to try them out. They really work, provided you too work hard and plan your goals accordingly.