Selling Photos To Magazines

It's easier to break into magazines if you apply the right tactics, though not simple for amateur photographer's. If you don't have proper training and certifications in photography than it's a drawback as most of the magazines ask for it. Now is there any way how newbies can sell photos to magazines or work for them? Keep reading to know how easy can it be:

Follow these points and make it more easier:

- Firstly find the addresses of various magazines
All the magazines have their websites now, you can Google them out and try to get their mailing address. If you are subscribed to any magazines or read magazines, look for their address on it.

-Contact the editors
You can do this by mailing or by phone and explain them about your work. If they show any interest than send them your best images. Mention the places you visited and briefly describe each photo. Ensure your photos do much of the talking.
But study the technical details of photography before contacting them directly to avoid surprises, as you can expect them to quiz you on the basics. It's easier to learn the technically things nowadays so don't worry, just a few basics are good enough. At least you should be able to explain what is aperture, ISO, long exposure, lenses.

-Buy magazines
By reading magazines you can gain lots of knowledge and also know more about that magazine.

-Another way is to Send your photos for reviews
Magazines have separate sections where they accept images from reader's, review them and discuss the technicality of your images. This is a nice way to get noticed if your images are good. And sometimes you get a call to work for them.

-Participate in competitions organized by magazines
You win and get noticed.

-Start your own photo blog
Sometimes selling photos to magazines becomes easier just by sending them your website link and make an impression that you're a professional photographer.

I have discussed on selling photos to microstock agencies and now about selling photos to magazines, the difference between both is that magazines make you feel like a professional photographer, so the feeling is lot more better.The best thing about photography is that it itself is the best job to do.

These points have come out from a lot of experience and expertise in the field. They have worked before, are working and trust me they will work if you follow with dedication and commitment. If you want to reach your goal than you first need to step into those shoes and start walking towards the goal. Don't sit and think about what next? just do it...

Selling photos to magazines is much easier if you work little harder and push your limits. Get yourself noticed in the magazines and they will naturally follow you. Till then keep practicing.