Waiting for the Perfect Moment - Action photography

Perfect moments are often difficult to capture as they appear for a fraction of a second, you miss it and they disappear. So its important to anticipate that perfect moment while you are waiting.

Nature of Action
If you are photographing a national sport or just a street sport, be prepared by learning its rules and the expected flow of events. Researching that sport is the key, as you can anticipate the moment easily.

Head to the location
Once you study the kind of action, go to the location. Spend some time learning your subjects(players) before the actual event. Try to connect by observing them closely, as it will help you judge their moves.

Multiple Shots

Make use of the continuous shooting mode if you're not confident about your action shooting skills. It will definitely help you, but there are some limitations to it. By using this mode you are forcing the camera to rest while writing those multiple images to the memory card. However, I recommend using this mode as it often comes handy in action photography.

Check on the Batteries and Memory Cards
Action photography or not, you always need to have the batteries charged. Keeping an extra set of batteries and memory cards will avoid any last minute glitches. Ensure that the batteries and memory card is in place, so that you don't find yourself changing batteries or cards just before the main event.

The above being said, don't forget to choose camera settings well in advance or all that hard work is going to be a waste. Action photography is a game of waiting, you need to have patience while everything else is a second nature.