How to Improve Photography

Imagination certainly improves your photography skills, as photography is not just about pointing the camera and capturing images,  but an art of making pictures, which actually begins before you pick the camera. It totally depends on your imagination, the way you interpret your surrounding environment. Your vision will never be similar to someone else.
To improve your photography skills remember these following points which somehow seem to be ignored, but play a big role in nurturing the photographer within you:

Read about photography
As a beginner, you can start by reading books like an autobiography of a photographer, their articles published on various platforms. You can help build some perspective. You learn how a photographer thinks, his vision on various subjects.

See a lot of photographs
The best way to better your photography is by looking a lot of photographs. There are lots of images available online or you can visit a local photography exhibition and try to study from those works.

Keep an eye on your surrounding environment, even if you don't have your camera. Observe how things around you change as the time passes. The mood of a place changes every minute, notice them. It improves your imagination, and helps you spot those potential photographs.

Study people around you
Observe the body language of people around you. This helps while shooting portrait photographs. Study their movements and gestures, so that when you are out there shooting, you know when someones going to smile.

Explore places
Walk around the streets and start clicking those special moments. At the end of the day, you would be amazed, if you get even one great picture.

Fall in love
Enjoy and love what you shoot, or you will never do a good job of it. Your photography is effected greatly by the way you interpret your subjects. Love your subjects while you click those moments. By doing this, you relate with them and capture their emotions naturally.

These points will definitely improve your photography and your ability to channel your vision towards the unseen.