Increase digital camera battery life

A digital camera's battery life depends on its capacity, the number of shots, usage of flash and live view. How many times has this happened when you are out, waiting from a long time for a particular moment to happen - could be a lightening, a man about to dive in a pool, a bird about to take flight or that magical goal by Christiano Ronaldo.
You set the camera and have the frame in mind. You are too excited about the frame already set in your mind. And when that moment arrives, you press the shutter, and guess what? Nothing really happens :( So you give a second try thinking you did not press the shutter button. And this time bang on..... Nothing happens!! Battery empty!! Perhaps it wasn't an important factor for you to check the batteries before setting up the camera. Any point regretting for the missed opportunity? Not really.

Digital camera battery life has somehow managed to gain more importance in today's digital world. No matter which camera you own or the type of batteries, but it certainly makes sense for a photographer to take care of this important factor. Batteries are of less value for a common man, as long as they work. Ironically, its the heart of any portable device, camera being one of them.

Once you have appropriate battery and charger, its important to follow a few simple guidelines, so that your camera's battery power does not stop you from shooting.

Storage Place
Batteries should always be stored in a cool and dry place. At high temperatures, they get discharged on their own and at a faster rate. There are chances of permanently damaging your batteries at high temperature. This factor is applicable at very low temperatures as well. The battery life partially reduces if stored in extremely cold places.
High temperature - reduces charge.
Low temperature - battery life.

Charge them to their maximum capacity just before use. Be safe always, you never know how many shots you may require.

Cover them

Batteries are supplied with a carry case or a cap. If not in use, its always good to cover the electric terminals, to prevent short circuit.

Charge Cycles
The actual battery life(rechargeable) is stated in terms of the number of full charge and discharge cycles. So wait for the battery to fully discharge before charging again, unless its unavoidable.

Long term Storage
If your batteries are out of use for over a month, store them in a bag and keep it in a cool and dry place. It basically reduces the time of chemical decay.

By following these guidelines, you will certainly increase your digital camera battery life. So take special care of them, as cameras consume lot of power.