Myths about batteries

about batteriesThese are some of the myths about batteries which needs some attention.

The type of AA-sized battery chosen does not make a difference
If you're planning to buy rechargeable batteries, always go for NiMH(nickel metal hydride). These batteries last longer than NiCd(nickel cadmium) ones, and unlike NiCd, they do not harm the environment.

I can shoot pictures with a dead battery by rubbing it on my jeans

The method of rubbing batteries on your jeans may get you an extra shot in extreme cold weather. However, for the most part, this is not true.

Any battery charger can be used for any type of battery
We have been following this myth about batteries probably from the time they were invented. However, different batteries require different chargers. In fact wrong chargers can actually reduce the digital camera battery life by half.