Tools and Accessories for Action Photography

There are several other accessories you may require apart from the camera, while shooting any fast moving subject i.e, action photography. This is a list of essential tools and accessories you should have while out on a shoot.

A Tripod
It is important to have a sturdy tripod on field. It should be at least 3 times the weight of the camera. Ensure that the tripod is easy to setup, so that you can focus more on making photographs rather than worrying about the tripod.

Memory Cards and Batteries

You cannot afford to lose that important frame after waiting for such a long time. So carry extra batteries and memory cards to be on the safer side.

Camera Belt
Action photography is all about capturing action in a frame, and you may need to run around for the best possible position. A camera belt will hold your camera in place, while you are on the move.

Lens Hood

In action photography, if you miss a shot, you miss it forever with no retakes in spare. Lens hood will avoid any flares, keeping your lens protected.