15 Ways to sell your Photos and Make Money

If you have some good photos, you can earn a decent amount money from it. You just need to know how to sell them.

Here are 15 ways to sell your photos and make money:

1. Story books
Put your images in story books, of course you don't have to be so concerned about the story. A one liner with the images will do the trick.

2. Photography book
Always good to put your best images in a book and sell them. There are people ready to buy them.

3. Give MySpace users unique pages
It's difficult to make a mark on MySpace and other networking sites. However, if you have some good pictures, go contact networkers and offer them your work.

4. BritePic your pictures
BritePic allows you to put a floating ad on your images. When users move the cursor over the image, you get paid.

5. Blogging
Start a blog and discuss about your images. Place ads on your blog, advertisers pay you for every click made by visitors on the ads. This is a great way to make money from using your photography skills.

6. Contact Local distributors
Get your pictures in local stores, and start making sales. It's hard initially, but once your images start selling, demand increases. You also learn the art of marketing while doing this.

7. Calendars
You can print images on calenders and start selling online.

8. Sell photos on microstock sites
Of course you know this, if you stumbled upon other pages on my blog. Microstock photography is indeed the best and the easiest way to make money from your photos. In fact, my blog is about microstock photography.

9. Photo Competitions
Instead of storing images in your hard disk, submit them to photo competition sites. You earn cash prizes and lots of reputation.

10. Customize stationery
Putting your image on stationery items can get you some good money. Find a printer, start putting your images on notebooks, mugs, pads and sell them.

11. On the bag
Bags are commercial, and you can put almost anything on a bag these days, it becomes a style statement. So why not you images. Sell your images by putting them on bags.

12. CD covers
It would be nice to have a fancy CD cover, instead of those boring plane ones.

13. Sell to eBay auctioneers
Most of the ebay items show up with the same old images time and time again. Why not help them use new stuff and offer them to sellers.

14. Coloring books
Take pictures of pets and people, follow some Photoshop steps and put together your very own coloring books.

15. Put a mouse on an image
Put a photo on a mouse pad and sell it through Zazzle. 

These are some conventional and modern ways to sell your photos, but it doesn't matter as long as you want to make some money from your images.You can know more about how to sell photos online by reading other posts on this blog.