Amateur to Professional Photographer in 4 Steps

Everyone who picks up their first dslr camera feels like a professional photographer. Although they don't desire to be professional, its somehow natural to have that feeling. The first thing that comes to mind, is seeing yourself working for National Geographic taking those wildlife photos on a beautiful island or hanging out of a helicopter with your camera. Imaginations tend to be seem less with your first dslr camera.

There are few people whom it matters a lot to be a professional photographer, its more that a dream for them. They start realizing their dream, once they start paying those bills with money earned from photography. Only few achieve the set milestone, some are happy for not having tried and the remaining just give up after seeing the competition. Being a professional photographer isn't that easy, looking at the jobs available and the average salary package.

It is not that difficult, provided you are ready to explore all the options available and increase your resources to fulfill that dream. If professional photography really is your goal, here are four steps you must take to get there faster.

Practice, Practice and Practice a lot
A beginner sometimes manages to take some great pictures. But there is always some space for improvement, which comes only with practice. Few have natural talent, while some have to practice that extra minute.

As a professional photographer, you can't blame the weather or subject for your poor images. They can't afford to lose that precious time over bad luck. To be there, you need to imagine yourself there every moment, and practice will always keep you on track. 
Build Client base
Once you are sure of your abilities, start adding clients to your list. Do this along with your full time job, without quitting. Interact with like minded people, join local photography communities and go out for shoots with them. They may not pay you, but contacts will grow.

Add Revenue Streams
Depending on a single client is not possible these days, seeing the competition. So start submitting your images to various Microstock Agencies, and you will see a sudden rise in you income with  four figure sums pouring into your bank account. However, you need to think like a business man when dealing with Stock Photo sites.

Have a check on the figures
With time professional photographer often needs to upgrade his equipment to meet the current trend. The camera, lens, tripod, monopod, filters, batteries, flash and more are all. Always have a check on your expenses.