Quality of Images matters not Quantity

For a photographer who wants to turn an eye for pictures into extra income, the prospects could be unknown to them. Anyone with a camera thinks that he has the skills to take those great images which sell on stock photo sites.

Some pictures are of professional quality which tend to catch hold of potential buyers. There are so many images posted on these sites everyday, and to pick those quality photos is no simple task for buyers. A designer may need one photo for his assignment, but finds it hard to decide on. It becomes a day long task for them. So as a photographer, you need to think from the buyers point of view. Picking images from a huge collection could be a difficult for them, but there needs to be a way where you can simplify their task.

One damn sale can make a change, the buyer would come back to the same photographer whose images he purchased instead of the daunting task of searching images from the sites. So as a Stock photographer, you should prefer submitting quality images rather than quantity. It pays to be selective in offers.

Buyers would prefer selecting one photograph from two quality images, instead of looking at 30 odd images of a waterfall and making a choice.

Try to be buyers best friend by offering them quality photos. Don't make yourself look like an amateur by submitting all that is stored in your disk. Think like a buyer.