Online Photography Competitions can get you noticed

The most important thing for a photographer is to get his work noticed. That's how he will be able to carry his photography career forward, may it be Microstock or freelance photography. By entering into Online Photo Competitions  there is a fair chance to get noticed as a good photographer. Of course by winning the competitions you will make a bigger impact. Many photography enthusiasts find it difficult to experience that winners feeling, but here are some vital tips on how to make it work for you and win an Online photography competition.

1. Follow the RulesEvery photography competition that you wish to participate will have its own set of rules like the no. of entries, copyrights, model release, theme and entry fees. Before participating you get to read their entry guidelines and submit the photos. There is a possibility of your photos being ignored or disqualified for not adhering to the rules. So make sure you follow the rules, or its better not to participate in a photo competition.

2. The Theme
It's quite obvious that you need to stick to the theme of the competition and its interpretation. Say the theme is "Trees", here don't click photos which contain only trees or something like that but add that unique element in those photos which can grab attention. Add some feeling in it, you can click a photo of a kid planting or watering a tree. It adds feeling of love towards the tree and gives a message as well. Sometimes even the best photos are rejected just because they don't fit with the theme.

3. Research and be unique
Before entering into a photography competition, do some research on the previous competitions and see the winning photographs, it could be helpful in identifying the unique element that the judges are looking for. Just learn how your photos can add such details but in a different way. Of course you can't copy them but its definitely going to help. Also research on what the majority of the entries will be like, that will give you an idea to shoot something that is unique. It will make your images to stand out in the crowd and get noticed.

4. Technically Perfect
Now that you know what the most no. of entries will be like, its time to shoot some good pictures which are technically perfect. Remember you may be competing with the best photographers there, so your images need to have the right balance in technical terms. As a photographer you know what i mean? Things like noise and all.

By participating in an Online photography competition, you tend to socialize your work. Winning it is not always a priority, but making a mark on the judges and getting yourself some recognition matters a lot.