CanStockPhoto to Buy or Sell Images and Videos

microstock site CanStockPhoto
Agency name: CanStockPhoto

Supported Types
Editorial: No.
Images: Yes, must be at least 3.0 megapixels (approx. 1500 x 2000px).
Illustrations: Yes.
Vectors: Yes, must be in EPS file format, EPS8 compatible.
Flash: Yes.
Audio: No.
Videos: Yes, in MOV format between 5 to 30 seconds in length amd 1GB in size.
Licenses: Royalty Free.

Contributor's earnings depend on the download type:
1. Instant download - you earn anywhere from $1 to $25 per download also depending on the item type, size and resolution.
2. Credit downloads - $0.50 - $12.50 per download.
3. Subscription based - $0.30 - $0.38 depending on the number of downloads. Extended licenses - $22.

For Buyers
Instant Purchase - Images start at $2, and you don't have to register.
Using Credits - starting from $0.44 if you are a member.
Subscription - 1 Week = USD $39 ($0.56 / image)
                     1 Month = USD $99 ($0.33 / image)
                     6 Months = USD $499 ($0.28 / image)
                     1 Year = USD $769 ($0.21 / image)

Minimum Payout: $50 for Paypal, $100 for Moneybookers/Skrill/Cheque.
Payout: Request.

Referral Program: Yes.
Upload methods: Web App or FTP
Language: English, Italian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese.

Headquarters: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Registered Users: 160,000.

About: Launched in 2004, CanStockPhoto has steadily garnered attention from designers and photographers over time and has become a popular marketplace to buy and sell images. The royalty rates are high compared to many top microstock agencies. With over 7 million quality stock photos spread across different categories, buyers seriously have some great stuff to watch out for.